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How to pick good grapes

For most varieties, you want a very firm grape with bright green stems. While grapes with darker stems will be exceptionally sweeter, they have a much shorter shelf life. A perfectly ripened grape will be firm, but easily detach from the bunch. In the case of Concords, they will most often times be rather soft, but the skin should easily seperate from the flesh.

Scarlet Royal grape.jpg

Variety: Scarlet Royal





Scarlet Royal have a unique sophisticated flavor that can be more complex than other grapes. it's believed this is a result of the mixture of Muscat of Alexandria in it's heritage, bringing more than your average seedless red variety.

Summer Muskat grapes.jpg

Variety: Summer Muskat





Summer Muskats are an amazing green grape, often used to make Golden Raisins, but the flavor that makes them great for drying persists when used in other recipies, muffins, or cakes. If you've never tried using grapes in baking, this grape will make you seem like a professional.


 Variety: Summer Royal





The Summer Royal is a standout black grape. While it has a strong heritage in Muscat, being primarily a black grape means it is probably the sweetest muscat flavor you'll ever enjoy. Definitley freeze these guys as a substitute for ice cubes, or for use in garnishing wines in place of cooling stones.


Variety: Diamond Muscat





The Diamond Muscat is the quintessential muscat grape. Famed for its use in Muscato wine, Muscat grapes are unqiue in that they have a particular flavor that sets them apart from the traditional cool sweet flavor for something more exhuberant.


 Variety: Flame Seedless





Flame grapes have the traditional red grape flavor with an exceptional juiciness that make them the perfect lunchbox grape, or picnic tagalong. The thicker skin is sweet, and helps preserve the large amount of juice for a longer shelf-life.

Diamond muskat.jpg

 Variety: Princess





Princess Grapes are a perfect balance of red and green varieties of grape, making this the ultimate option for pairing with savory dishes like fish or meat in compotes or chutney.  The easiest way to experience the excellence of the Princess grape combined with savory flavors is simple, cheeses!

Black Emerald.jpg

 Variety: Black Emerald





Black Emerald grapes are the result of 7 generations of grapes bred to grow perfectly in the San Joaquin valley.  Finding grapes at the perfect ripeness can be diffiicult, but due to the specialisation of the Black Emerald you can more consistently find perfectly ripened selections for this variety.

Sweet Scarlet.jpg

 Variety: Sweet Scarlet





Sweet Scarlet Grapes have the unique benefit of a very thin skin and a nearly clear juice. Due to this, it's important they are stored away from other foods with strong scents. When properly stored, however, the sweet scarlet can make for an excellent snacking experience, or a beautiful fresh grape juice.


 Variety: Tomcord


Season: Jun-Jul



Tomcords are the answer to all canners dreams, a mix of the Thompson Seedless and the Concord Grape. Its a rare chance to experience the full concord flavor without the tart kick of concordian seeds and flesh!


 Variety: Autumn Royal





Autumn Royals are hailed for their exceptional crispness, and famous crunch. Each bite of an Autumn Royal is greeted with a rush of very sweet juice, which is divine when chilled. Display Autumn Royals in a serving tray of ice to rock the world of family and guests!

Crimson Grapes.jpg

 Variety: Crimson





Crimson Red grapes are another variety with a thick skin that contains a large amount of juicy flesh, yielding a nice pop of flavor. This red grape delivers on sugar, but it's mixed green grape heritage gives it refreshing notes that put this grape in the favorite category for plenty of Farm Fanatics!

Concord Grapes.jpg

Variety: Concord





The world famous concord grape! While concord grapes have a flavor of their own, when most people think "Grape" they think the flavor of concords. These grapes easily seperate from their skin when squeezed. So easily in fact, that some people enjoy eating concords exclusively without the skin!

Red Globe Grape.jpg

 Variety: Red Globe





The Red Globe is the essential red grape. While this variety is seeded, you can roast the grapes in an oven to release a rich and nutty flavor in the seeds, aswell as utilizing tons of nutrients normally lost when discarding them.

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