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Cherum & Peacotum

What is a Cherum or a Peacotum even?!

A Cherum is a cross between a Cherry and a Plum, where as a Peacotum is a mix between a Peach, an Apricot, and a Plum!

Is that a GMO?

We don't grow any GMO's on our farm. These are cross pollinated in the same way other varieties develop in nature. 


Variety: Sweet Pixie


Season: Jun-Jul



The Sweet Pixie is an outstanding Cherum that perfectly personifies the blend. The rich cherry-like interior is offset by the sweet-tart flavored skin, brought by its plum heritage.

Variety: Bella Royal


Season: Jun-Aug



The Bella Royal Peacotum is a fruit to be reckoned with! The skin of the Bella Royal has a unique sweet skin that has hints of chocolate. The fruit blends a wide array of flavors, as the flesh closest to the skin will have a rich peach-like flavor that becomes tarter nearer to the pit. 

Variety: Splash


Season: Jun-Aug



The Splash lives up to its name in every way. Its juice explodes on the first bite, and stays delicious the whole way through, reminiscent of green grapes mixed with a yellow peach. It's an experience to be had. If you ever have the chance to try one, do it! You can direct your Thank You letters to 6700 General Beale Road, Arvin CA. 

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