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Pluots & Plums

What's a Pluot?

A pluot is exact opposite of an Aprium. Where as Apriums are 75% apricot 25% plum, pluots are primarily plum with a majority of apricot. Due to this mix, Pluots tend to have less of the tart flavor that traditional plums have instead focusing on the rich sweet plum flavor.

Variety: Flavorella Plum




Flavorella Plums are apparently no traditional Plum. Being one of the first varieties of pluot developed, the Flavorella were first disregarded for being delicious but difficult to grow, and too delicate to ship. Thankfully, growing what we sell means we can safely offer these delicious guys!

Variety: Dapple Dandy




Also known as a Dinosaur Egg, the Dapple Dandy has a distinctive pale green flesh with red mottling. While not especially attractive, the Dapple Dandy makes up for it with roughly 16 Brix per fruit. A Brix is the scientific measurement for sugar in a solution. For example, a lemon has 4 brix.

Variety: Earli Dapple




The Earli dapple has a gorgeous mix of green and purple that makes it fit right in at Murray’s. They’re a fair bit more delicate than Dapple Dandys, and significantly lower acidity. While the Earli Dapple is only .4 Brix more than the Dapple Dandy, acidity works against sugar, giving the Earlie Dapple a leg up!

Variety: Emerald Beauty




The Emerald Beaut as we call it is a very pronounced pluot. It has an electric green color and exaggerated apricot shape that is very reminiscent of a heart. The flesh of the Emerald Beauty is unique in that it starts very sweet and gains acidity nearer to the pit, giving this pluot a wide breadth of flavors.

Variety: Flavor Grenade




The Flavor Grenade has a red blush over gold hue, and an extremely hearty nature. These pluots have a fantastic staying power. Not only will they hold onto their crisp texture for a good long while they will do so without slowing down their ripening process! These are a dream for eating over several days!


Variety: Flavor Fall




The Flavor Fall is the hero plum that sweeps in at the end of the season to save sweet-tart lovers everywhere! When the rest of the plums are beginning their last harvest, the Flavor Fall rocks a respectable 17 Brix and a beautiful golden flesh.

Variety: Black Kat Pluot




Black Cats have a shiny black skin and pale white flesh. For those who are fans of tart and complex flavors, the Black Cat is quite a journey. To the untrained tongue, this pluot is simply a tart plum. For those who have taken their time sampling the variety, you’ll notice this pluot is actually extremely sweet, with nearly 20 brix. A matching degree of acidity and tart skin paired together make one of the most unique fruits available during the season.

Variety: Flavor King




The Flavor King is the union between the world-famous Santa Rosa plum and the Dapple Dandy. Extremely Juicy, Extremely sweet, with a rich savory flavor in the skin. The interior has a beautiful golden sunburst in the flesh that make it perfect for place setting or next-level fruit salad.


Variety: Honey Punch




The honey punch is a sweeter fruit than either of its Apricot or Plum ancestors. Exclusively grown right here in the San Joaquin Valley, this pluot has an appealing red speckled skin. The Flesh of the fruit is nearly lipstick red with a rose-colored sunburst from its pit.

Variety: Armenian




Armenian Plums are small green plums that have a flavor unlike any other variety of plum. The flavor is like a sweet watermelon with a bit of plum kick aftertaste. These are so hard to get ahold of due to their novelty, if you want to experience an Armenian plum, call ahead and reserve them!

Variety: Crimson Glo




The Crimson Glo pluot has a very clever name. While the fruit itself sports such a dark red it seems nearly black, it produces a powder like substance called bloom that makes it seem as though it is glowing. The presence of this bloom on the Crimson Glo is an indicator of freshness! Look for the bloom!

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