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Berry - Blueberry

Blueberries grown organically and available at farmers markets near arvin bakersfield and across kern county

Variety: Jewel




The Jewel Blueberry has a powdered exterior in a beautiful sky blue. While these berries start with a high acidity that gives them a sweet-tart flavor, they will tame to a sweet smooth taste with time.

 Source: www.


Variety: Misty




Misty Blueberry plants are easy to spot on the farm. They have beautiful pink and white flowers that compliment their delicate flavor with low acidity and subtle sweetness.



Variety: O'Neal




If you said O'Neal blueberries are one of the best southern blueberry varieties, you would not be wrong. These berries are wide and fat, extremely juicy, and very sweet. For beverages, preserves, or just to add a complex flavor to any baking project, you can't beat an O'neal!

Emerald Blueberry.jpg

Variety: Emerald


You'll notice our Emerald Blueberries by their significant size, comparable to nickles. Emerald Blueberries grow in thick bushes, so make sure to reach deep to find perfectly ripened berries hidden within!



Variety: Millenium


Millenium Blueberries are rich in several unique vitamins and enzymes with very unique effects! For a short period after eating, blueberries will expand the rods in your eyes giving you better nightvision!

Berryfest Murray Farm Organic Blueberries.jpg

Variety: Powder Blue




The Powder Blue Blueberry is a Rabbit Eye variety, meaning that as opposed to most blueberries with the starshaped plume at the bottom and circular shape, Rabbit Eye varieties tend to be wide and tire shaped with light blue color.

 Source:  Florida Foundation Seed Producers, Inc.

Source: Florida Foundation Seed Producers, Inc.

Variety: Snowchaser


The perfect berry to withstand jostling while nestled at the bottom of a Upick tray! They are firm and make for an excellent first pick of the day. These bushes grow thick and quickly, so don't be afraid to dig deep for those perfect berries!


Variety: Spring High




Spring High Blueberries are troopers that take a beating and stay good for eating! Very low acid highlights one of the most perfect representations of the signature “Blueberry” Flavor.

Blueberries grown organic at murray family farms for healthy choices.jpg

Variety: Star




The Star blueberry is one of the first Blueberry varieties. Blueberries in general were first called “Star Berries” for the small star shaped plume on the bottom of the fruit.


Variety: Maru




The Maru Blueberry makes an excellent addition to savory meals, balancing well with barbecue sauce for ribs, or a glaze for ham that can give your next meal and interesting professional culinary flair!

 Source:  STARK Bro's

Source: STARK Bro's

Variety: Blue Crisp


Blue Crisp Blueberries are some of the most hearty blueberries that burst in your mouth like little flavor grenades, not to be confused with Pluots of the same name! These little guys stay crisp on the vine making them a fantastic U-pick berry!

Murray Family Farms Organic Blueberry.jpg

Variety: Biloxi




Biloxi Blueberries are a highbush berry with the signature star shaped plume on the bottom. These berries are delicate and best when made into smoothies or part of a crisp as the flesh is very soft and purees easy.


Variety: Ozark Blue




If you're outside picking blueberries on a warm day and you see a bush of them thriving in the sunlight, it's probably an Ozark Blue! These darling little blueberries are heat resistant, and consistently yield great fruit no matter the weather!

Blueberry Crown.jpg

Variety: Santa Fe




Santa Fe Blueberries are like us, Early Risers. If you get to the farm early on in the blueberry season these little guys will be there waiting with a smile! An early ripen and a rich blueberry flavor makes these an early bird's dream U-pick candidate!


Variety: Southmoon




The Southmoon blueberry is so beautiful it could be considered ornamental if it werent for the large delicious blubs of blueberry flavor! These bushes have a beautiful autumn hue in the off season and wide soft white flowers during blume.

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