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Berry - Black Raspberry

organic family grown local Black Raspberry.gif

Variety: Cumberland




Cumberland Raspberries are often mistaken for blackberries, but don't be fooled! These wonderfully berries stay hearty in pies and add a delicious juicy flair when baked into bread.

locally grown organic Olallieberries.jpg

Variety: Munger



Munger Black Raspberries make for a fantastic preserve berry as they tend to have fewer seeds than other equivalent varieties. They often have very plump black bulbs and a dark glassy sheen.

world famous Murray Berry family farms.gif

Variety: Murray Black


Murray Black Raspberries are the mischevious twin of the elusive Murrayberry! They have an unabashadly strong flavor that blends the sweet of a blackberry with the punch of a raspberry. This beautiful berry makes for an excellent addition for surprising presentations.

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