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Berry - Blackberry

Apache blackberries at murray family farms.jpg

Variety: Apache





Apaches are a lovely blackberry, kind enough to have no thorns and plump and juicy! Apaches add a TON of flavor to anything made with them, as they have tons of juice. These blackberries are two-bite berries!

 Source:  Arbor Day Foundation

Source: Arbor Day Foundation

Variety: Arapaho





Arapaho blackberries are another family friendly berry, with no thorns, perfect for U-Pick! This variety shows up a bit earlier to the season than other breeds. They also have a large fruiting row, which means tons to choose from during picking!

 Source:  Xanadu Farms

Source: Xanadu Farms

Variety: Chester





Chester Blackberries tend to grow big and wildly, but consistently make delicious plump fruits. The more ripened they are, the easier they are to pick, so keep an eye out for very dark shiny flesh, with full bulbs!

W-102 Kiowa Berry childrens health entertainment in kern county.gif

Variety: Kiowa




Kiowa Blackberries are monstrous in size, measuring nearly 3” in length with the largest of the crop weighing up to half an ounce from a single berry!

 Source:  FT4C,org

Source: FT4C,org

Variety: Navajo




The Navajo is one of the sweetest of our thornless varieties for family friendly picking. We grow our Blackberries on trellis that keep our berries getting the sun they need to be as delicious as they can! You go blackberry!

blackberries  Murray Family Farms Raspberry Boysenberry Organic Memories that last a lifetime in kern county and bakersfield family fun.jpg

Variety: Silvan




The silvan is the union between the Marionberry and the Boysenberry, and its classification as a standard blackberry keeps most people from experiencing the tender juicieiness of a blackberry married with the spectacular Marionberry flavor.

blackberries  Murray Family Farms Raspberry Boysenberry Organic.jpg

Variety: Triple Crown




The Triple Crown Blackberry is a triple threat! Fantastic flavor, Big bunches of berries, and firm texture. This variety is by far and away, one of the most popular varieties here at Murray Family Farms.

Variety: Siskiyou




Siskiyou Blackberries are like a very hearty Ollalieberry! For applications like breads, savory stuffings or just picking and tasting, the Siskiyous have a much firmer texture and can take being buried at the bottom of a U-pick basket like a champ!

blackberries  Murray Family Farms Healthy nonGMO Organic Berryfest Entertainment for families.jpg

Variety: Primark




The Primark blackberry is a larger blackberry that maintain their flavor during storage, making it excellent for bulk use. Make a batch of preserve and store the rest for pies, sauces, and reduce for an amazing syrup.

blackberries  Murray Family Farms Raspberry Boysenberry Organic growing and unripe.jpg

Variety: Chickasaw




You can recognize our Chickasaw blackberries by their uniquely circular shape compared to most blackberries. They are also rather large, measuring about an inch long. If you can find a Chickasaw blackberry on our farm, you've earned your blackberry badge!

blackberries  Murray Family Farms Raspberry Boysenberry Organic several on a big background.jpg

Variety: Ouaquita




We won't hold it against you if you stop to pick some of these delicious berries! Consistently bearing beautiful fruit, these make an excellent addition for any plate presentation, or garnish for baked goods.

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