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Citrus - Pummelo

What's a Pummelo?

Pummelo are the great great grandfather of all citrus. To the untrained eye, a Pummelo is just a grapefruit by a different name, but the difference is in the flavor! They have significantly lower acidity which emphasizes the natural sugar of the age-old citrus. 

When properly selected, it's not uncommon for these to wind up at the top of farm-goers "Favorite Citrus" list. We invite you to come try them out, and learn a bit about them by examining our selection below.

Variety: African Shaddock




The Shaddock Pummelo was discovered by Captain Shaddock as he sailed the seas! It was originally used as an air-freshener, which is oddly enough the best way to eat it! Leave the Shaddock on your counter top, and wait until it gets spots and a very strong scent. This is when the fruit is at it's best!


Variety: Chandler




Chandler Pummelos are a unique fruit, in that they are best peeled twice. The work pays off in spades when the rind is peeled and the white membrane is removed.  The flavor is like a sweetened grapefruit!

Variety: Red Shaddock




All pummelos have vitamin C, potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin B6, and magnesium, but the red color of flesh of the fruit hint's that it has something extra.  Red Colored Grapefruits have extra Antioxidants - in fact, this is true for nearly all red fruits!


Variety: Tahitian




The Tahitian Pummelo is by far and away the sweetest out of the Murray Family Farms selection. During a taste test in San Francisco, the average score was between “excellent, outstanding” and “have never had better.”  If you're looking for a pummelo that exemplifies the best of the best, this one is a sure-fire option.

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