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Citrus - Orange

Variety: Delta Valencia




This variety is a completely seedless navel orange that makes for fantastic snacking. Originally called a South African Navel, it was renamed the Delta Valencia due to it’s comparable harvest time and significant reputation as an orange that quickly loses it’s acidity. This is important, because acidity can cancel out the taste of sugar.


Variety: Fisher Navel




Fisher Navel oranges are best when picked at a light orange or deep yellow. Most Fishers tend to grow in a oval like shape and a fairly thick rind.

 Source:  Citrus Pages

Source: Citrus Pages

Variety: Autumn Gold




Autumn Gold Oranges are best chosen in a darker orange as opposed a yellow or bright orange.  This specific type of navel was brought to the mainstream due to it’s hearty interior – a flesh that while juicy can be described as a having a crisp pop.

Variety: Powell Lake




Powell Lake oranges are a subsect of the Powell Orange. While very similar with a traditional orange flavor, this variety excels in abundant juice production. This not only makes it a fantastic orange for eating, but also for use as an air freshener. By squeezing the fruit to puncture the membranes inside, you can soak the flesh and re-invigorate the scent.

 Source:  UC Riverside

Source: UC Riverside

Variety: Cara Cara




The Cara Cara is neither a blood orange, nor a traditional orange. It has a unique pink interior reminiscent of a grapefruit however they tend to be extremely sweet and very low in acid. Adding Cara Cara juice to any blended drink gives a one of a kind mild but distinct sweetness that’s undeniable!


Variety: Morro Blood




The Morro Blood has a red and purple blush that clearly signifies it as a blood orange. The Morro perfectly personifies the unique flavor of the blood orange which is distinct from traditional oranges. It’s described as being less acidity with overtones of berry.

Variety: Sanguinelli Blood




Sanguinelli blood oranges have the deepest red flesh of nearly any variety we grow, easily identified by their egg shape and purple hue. While the fruit is extremely acidity and appeals to fans of Granny Apple as opposed to Red Delicious, the red color is indicative of high anti-oxidant content, in fact, this phenomenon extends to nearly all red colored fruits.


Variety: Torrocco Blood




The Torroco Blood is consistently rated as the most delicious blood orange on the entire farm. While they look very much like a traditional orange, they are phenomenally sweet with an easy peel skin and completely seedless. They’re just a dream!

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