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Citrus - Grapefruit

 Source: H eidi McKinster

Source: Heidi McKinster

Variety: Oro Blanco




The Oro Blanco, or "White Gold", is actually an undercover pumelo, but it's mostly grapefruit, so it winds up here! This mixed heritage gives the Oro Blanco an amazing flavor that has limited acidity. By far and away, this is the best snacking grapefruit!


Variety: Melogold




The Melogold grapefruit has few seeds and delicious flesh. The pith on a Melogold is exceptionally bitter and should be removed before eating for maximum sweetness, however, some leave the pith to experience a very intense flavor.


Variety: Cocktail Grapefruit




The Cocktail Grapefruit is a standout, and basically everyone's favorite! This variety has lineage married in Oranges, giving it a thin skin, mild pith, and a rich flavor. Seriously, Try this one!



Variety: Ruby Red




The Ruby Red grapefruit is famous for it's unique flavor and exceptional anti-oxident qualities. When searching for the best ones, look for the hue in the color of the rind. The darker the hue, the better the fruit. 

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