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Citrus - Lemons & Limes


Variety: Ponderosa


Season: Nov-Apr



Ponderosa Lemons are an amazing breed of Citron-Lemon mix. The benefit of this mix is that lemons can grow up to the size of footballs, with a thick rind and tons of juice. It isn't hard to find a single pound Ponderosa!


Variety: Lisbon


Season: Nov-Jul



These lemons tend to be on the better side of lemons! They're more textured than most which make them amazing for zesting, and very appealing for tablesetting. Not only that, but the Lisbon tends to be less seedy than some other varieties.


Variety: Meyer


Season: Nov-Jul



Meyer Lemons are not true lemons! They're a mix of mandarin and lemon that give them a burst of sugar. Needless to say, this makes it a stand out candidate for candied lemons, sour treats, and lemonade!


Variety: Santa Teresa


Season: Nov-Jul



The Santa Teresa Lemon, also known as a Femminelo, is the signature lemon used in Lemoncello. Prized mostly for it's zest, the Santa Teresa has copious amounts of juice and a thick skin that make it the lemon of choice!  If you're interested in getting ahold of some of our lemons, arrive early! These wonderful guys go quick!



Variety: Castelo Mexican




The Castelo lime, also known as the Key lime or Mexican Lime, is most famous for it's use in Key Lime Pie but it's prized by bartenders for it's contribution to sweet-tart drink mix. The best limes will have a smooth reflective rind with a yellow tint.


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